September 2015 Issue


The September 2015 Issue is perhaps one of our best to date, featuring our annual theme of Diversity and Inclusion. We’ve tapped the industry’s experts on all things diversity; from how technology trends are currently shaping diversity to what the future of diversity will look like. In addition, we’ve taken great care into bringing you visual facts and figures showcasing every angle of diversity’s impact in the workplace. Rounding out the issue are our monthly Business columns on legal and tax smarts as well as our coveted Power Leisure features where we show you how to spend your downtime in style. Order your copy today!


September 2015 Issue
The Diversity Issue: Why #BlackLivesMatter In The Workplace

A New Direction
The tech sector is leading the way in diversity. What will it take to rebuild?

Diversity of One
Re-thinking the contours of identity and inclusion.

Ending Hiring Bias
How technology is helping diversity initiatives evolve.

Diversity Facts and Figures
The impact of diversity from all angles

Renaissance of Recoil?
An expert take on the future of diversity.

Travel: Fairmont Grand Del Mar
Rest and recreation; a little of both.

The Editor’s View:The Race Conundrum
Does a post racial America exist?

You Can’t Wear That To Work: But What About My Rights?

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