September 2018 Issue


The September 2018 Issue is Atlanta Tribune’s annual Diversity must-have. As in years past, readers will find the latest relevant and thought-provoking information surrounding diversity initiatives, including diversification vs. gentrification, intersectionality and many other issues affecting the workplace and community. Order your copy today!


September 2018 Issue

Steering Equality
Salesforce’s Tony Prophet talks allyship, employee resource groups and the nuts and bolts of workplace diversity.

The Great Debater
Harvard Debate Council’s Brandon Fleming: Scholar, Orator, Survivor

Leveraging Diversity
Monique Svazilian Tallon interrogates the modern utility of diversity initiatives.

Judging History
Gwinnett’s first African-American judge makes the county live up to its diversity boasts.

Racial Politics, Social Media and Business
A different look at intersectionality.

Diversification vs. Gentrification
Amidst the Pittsburgh Yards development debacle, a clarification of terms.

Behind the Scenes
New Deputy Chief of Staff and Director of International Affairs Appointed for the City of Atlanta

Velma Trayham, CEO & Founder of Thinkzilla

Seeding Diversity

Technology for Business
Facebook and The National Urban League Team Up to Train Minority Entrepreneurs on Digital Marketing

Check the Financials: Four Quick Financial Tips for Board Members


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