September 2014 Issue


The SEPTEMBER 2014 ISSUE is a ┬ámust-have, featuring AT’s annual focus on diversity, an in-depth look at the Bronzelens Film Festival from the perspectives of Kathleen Bertrand and Roger Bobb, and the landscape of power in Atlanta- people and companies. In addition, September’s Power Section boasts of Legal and Tax smarts to give your small business the leg up on preventing employee theft and retirement plans; while the Leisure Section is sure to have you craving Sweet Potato Crostini’s and planning your next vacation to Riviera Maya, Mexico or Vacharie, Louisana. No matter where you are in your business walk of life, the September 2014 Issue is sure to be a smart investment with major returns. Get your copy today!


September 2014 Issue

Spotlight on the Bronzelens Film Festival
Five years in, Kathleen Bertrand and Roger Bobb make the case for the BronzeLens Film Festival.

Building Atlanta
Black Power, today.

Acing Affinity
Are affinity groups needed now, more than ever?

Diversity Q&A
Dr. William Guillory shares insight on the future of workforce diversity in corporate America.

Editor’s View
America’s (Corporate) Identity Dilemma

Attorney’s Corner
Monica “Imani” McCollough, Esq.

Legal Smarts
“What’s Mine is Mine & What’s Yours is Mine” Preventing Employee Theft

Tax Smarts
Taxes and your small business retirement plans

Technology for Business
Hot to go from a blogger to a million visitor online publication.

– SpotOn: Belmond Maroma Resort & Spa in Riviera Maya, Mexico
– Blissbehavin’ at Vacharie, Louisiana Plantations

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