October 2015 Issue


Good health has traditionally been viewed as freedom from illness … So, if you’re not ailing, most would consider you healthy. Maybe. Maybe not. With that in mind, we want to help you make a more defined effort at getting on top of your health so that the chances of you truly optimizing your wellness are greater. Welcome to the Love Your Body Issue. Featuring: Health & Wellness, the “It” Workouts, Food Trends, Hair Health … and much more! Order the October 2015 Issue today.


October 2015 Issue
The Love Your Body Issue

The Examined Life
Three doctors; one mission: Optimal health.

Team Green
A green smoothie a day keeps the doctor at bay.

Work It Out
New ways to get moving.

Food Trends
Superfoods to enhance your life.

Special Delivery
The ins and outs of food subscriptions with agricultural economist Jayson Lusk.

Hair Health
Your cuticle has exploded and shaft severed- what now?

Getaway: Boston
More than you bargained for.

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