October 2018 Issue


The October 2018 Issue is Atlanta Tribune’s annual Health Issue, featuring in-depth articles, features and helpful tips on how to live your best holistic life. We haven’t forgotten about our monthly columns on Tax Smarts, Legal Smarts, Venture and Technology For Business, as well as our Travel and Weekender suggestions in the Power + Leisure section, so be sure you order this issue today. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!


October 2018 Issue

“Annual Health Issue”

Patient Engagement
From better bedside- to tech-side manner, providers are finding ways to close the communication and information gap between them and their patients.

Wellness Goals
A timely pivot back to communal health.

Mindful Movement
Exercise that goes beyond the physical.

Upgrade Your Tech, Upgrade Your Life
New gets and gadgets to help you stay winning.

The Health Care Platform
Can Georgia’s gubernatorial candidates agree to disagree on health care in Georgia?

Transformative Travel
Launch into a life-changing jet-set.

The Answer to Productivity Is Right Under Your Nose

Morehouse School of Medicine Awards $100,000 to Fund Healthy Community Initiatives and Train U.S. Elected Officials

Higher Learning
New Teacher Preparation Program Returns Spelman College to Its Roots

Marisa Moore, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

The Healing Arts

Technology for Business
Email Isn’t Dead, But Overdoing it Can Kill Your Reputation

The LookOut
Everything, Self-Care

Food Centered

One More Thing
Wellness 24/7


Getaway To
Key West

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