October 2017 Issue


The October 2017 Issue is Atlanta Tribune’s annual Health Issue, featuring in-depth articles on our nation’s health care system and invaluable tips for the modern day health nut. ┬áSo much is in flux with the U.S. health care system, politically, and insurance companies, as well as coverages, that it’s hard to know which end is up. This issue will help you navigate through these complexities leaving you well informed, and most importantly in the best care possible. Trust us, if ever there was a time to be in a solid relationship with your health care provider, that time is now. We round out this issue with our┬ámonthly columns on Tax Smarts, Legal Smarts, Venture and Technology For Business, as well as our travel and Weekender suggestions in the Power + Leisure section. Take your financial and physical health literally into your own hands and order the October issue today.


October 2017 Issue
Atlanta Tribune’s Annual Health Issue: A Look Into Your Health

Full Coverage
An in-depth look into the state of doctor-patient relationships, health innovations and insurance trends for 2018.

Local Expansion
Piedmont Healthcare goes East; plus Emory’s primary care gets a growth spurt.

Meeting Menu
How healthy are your staff meetings?

The Editor’s View
If ever there was a time to be in a sold relationship with your health care provider, that time is now.

Body Goals: Start a membership at one of Atlanta’s Black-owned fitness destinations.

Behind the Scenes
Clark Atlanta University’s Torina D. Lewis Receives Vulcan Teaching Excellence Award

Paul Bryant Becomes H.J. Russell’s Director of External Affairs

One More Thing
We Bike This City: Atlanta has been on a mission to boost its standing on the national urban-cycling scene.

The Emerald Coast Beckons
The Henderson’s Resort and Spa in Destin wins the game of thrones for “Atlanta’s Beach” in a coup.

Blissbehaving at Calvi (Corsica), France
By Regina Lynch-Hudson

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