May 2014 Issue


Atlanta Tribune’s May 2014 Issue is dedicated to recognizing rising Young Professionals. This year’s class consists of Kevin Levermore, Tiffany Bowers, Maurice Cherry, and Lisa Chester. Also, learn about mentoring and how both the mentor and mentee can benefit from the relationship. Gain no-holds-barred advice from top entrepreneurs, Tamika Tanner and Barry Givens; plus bone up on all things small business with our monthly columns: Legal Smarts, Tax Smarts, TechByte, and Technology For Business. Order your issue today!


May 2014 Issue: Young Professionals

“It’s an exciting time to be a young executive – whether your career has situated you in the small business sector, in corporate America or as an entrepreneur. And it’s an exciting time  to launch for those who have take the time to prepare for their dreams. How do you prepare? We had that question in mind when we spoke to this year’s crop of what we like to call ‘the ones to watch,’ and I think you’ll find their insights useful.” – Katrice L. Mines, editor

2014 Young Professionals
Paying dues pays off … meet our pick of this year’s top young professionals: Kevin Levermore, Tiffany Bowers, Maurice Cherry, and Lisa Chester.

Lessons from Mentor Row
Contemporary mentor/mentee relationship models are often depicted as the mentor doing all the giving and the mentor doing all the taking- the mentee is generally expected to gain more from the arrangement. However, the best mentor/mentee relationships can be mutually beneficial for both parties.

Diary of an Entrepreneur
These entrepreneurs give the no-holds-barred goods on what to do – and not – in business.

Preparing to be Mentored
Hot to not waste your mentor’s time and good will.

Technology for Business
Mobil Apps I Can’t Do Without

2014 Range Rover Sport: Perfect Trifecta

In Pictures
2014 Superwomen Reception & Man of the Year Reception Recap

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