June 2018 Issue


The June 2018 Issue is Atlanta Tribune’s annual “Why We Love Atlanta” issue and in our opinion is arguably the place to be if you’re a black entrepreneur. This is why our editors have fittingly dedicated the entire issue to the entrepreneurs who keep this city evolving and growing. They have pulled together everything you need to know to get the most out of doing business here. And for those you like to have fun in your leisure time, they haven’t left you out. There is a plethora of information on Atlanta’s festival scene, the places to rub elbows in a social setting and even the city’s hot spots for power lunching. Missing out on this issue would be a tragedy, so don’t delay. Order your copy today!


June 2018 Issue
Why We Love Atlanta

Keep More of Your Money
A few tax credits you may be missing.

On Our Radar
Keep up with Burunda Prince-Jones, and Jordan Williams and Brandon Iverson as they carve out their spaces in Atlanta’s entrepreneurship scene.

Atlanta Inc.
Where to rub elbows, power lunch spots, must-have season tickets for schmoozing, conferences you can’t miss and co-working like a pro. We’ve thought of everything. You’re welcome.

Inside Atlanta’s Film Industry
Are you missing some opportunities to do business with the entertainment industry?

Managing Your Online Reputation
What comes up about you on the other side of a Google search can be a deal breaker.

The Entrepreneur Resource Guide

Igniting Your Business With Passion

Higher Learning
Georgia State’s Donte Brown: Atlanta’s Brain Game

Jasmine Burton, Wish for WASH

Brandon Riddick-Seals to Helm Housing Authority

The Editor’s View
The Mecca, Still

Meet the Judge
Shondeana Crews Morris

Tax Smarts
Owing Back Taxes Could Affect Passport Renewal

Technology for Business
Software Reviews Are Changing Consumer Buying for SMBs


Getaway To
Barnsley Resort | Adairsville, Ga.

Getaway To
NOPSI Hotel | New Orleans

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