July 2014 Issue


Atlanta Tribune’s July 2014 Issue is our annual nod to all things technology. In this edition, we bring you this year’s must-have gadgets, DIY tech services designed to enhance your business, technology companies we think you should keep an eye on and much more. July 2014 is also our month to introduce our pick of the Top 25 Black Businesses.  Leading the pack is TME Enterprises 1LTD, a food services and hospitality company owned by Michael E. Melton. Pick up a copy of the July 2014 Issue today for the complete Top 25 listing, our monthly business columns and countless features on technology for business!


July 2014 Issue: Technology For Business & 2014 Top 25 Black Businesses

“In February, Attorney General Eric Holder called on Congress to require companies to more quickly alert customers when their personal information is put at risk in cyberbreaches. There are no federal mandates requiring corps to notify customers following breaches, though some states have notification laws. Moreover, the measures being encouraged are intervention-focused. So what should be doing to shield ourselves and our information?” – Katrice L. Mines, editor

Pick up the July 2014 Issue and find out what you should be doing to safeguard your information.

Tech Companies to Watch
Techies on the front lines.

Top 25 Black Businesses of 2014
They shine, we notice.

DIY Tech Sites
Every need, met.

Must Have Gadgets
Technology to tinker with.

Cyber Safety in the Digital Age
An uptick in cyber breaches threatens secure horizons.

SPECIAL TRAVEL FEATURE: Expect the Unexpected
Scottsdale, Ariz., brings the heat.

Technology for Business
E-commerce Marketers aren’t measuring the fundamentals.

The Best Bar-B-Que

In Case You Miss It: 19th Annual George A. Lottier Scholarship Golf Tournament

In Pictures: Moving Your Business Forward Conference

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