August 2014 Issue


AUGUST 2014 ISSUE featuring the Annual Salute to Minority Business Owners. Entrepreneurs  that not only have the contracts, they have the partnerships: Lisa Jones, Kanchana Raman and Troy Robinson. Learn about their story, order your copy today!


AUGUST 2014: Annual Salute to Minority Business Owners!

2014 Salute to Minority Business Owners
Lisa Jones, Troy Robinson and Kanchana Raman are in it to win it.

Reinvent or Die
The Transformers: Business Edition

2014 Scholarship Guide
This year, non-traditional students get first dibs

Higher Learning
What you should know before the school year begins

Legal Smarts
U.S. Supreme Court Expands SOX Coverage to Include More Private Employers

Tax Smarts
Employer Responsibility: What Payroll Taxes do I have to pay?

Attorneys’ Corner
Advocate and Songstress: Tabitha Ponder-Solomon, Esq.

Blissbehavin’ in Foodieville
New Orleans

What You Should Know Now
The Emoticonistas … What if there was an app created specifically for women of color that could bring to life pop expressions of “flips hair,” “batts eyelashes,” or “oh no he didn’ts”? Well there is …


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