April 2015 Issue


The April 2015 Issue highlights our annual Men of the Year  — Egbert Perry, Eddie Bridgeman and Ernest Greer. These three as well as all of the distinguished men being recognized in this issue consist of attorneys, entrepreneurs, finance and non-profit experts, athletes, marketing gurus and restaurateurs … each coming from different paths, but similar destinations – where they aimed and beyond. From their stories, you will learn that what you put in is what you get out. And what they put in, many times, is more for others than themselves. Pick up this truly inspiring and informative issue today!


April 2015 Issue: Men of the Year

2015 Men of the Year
Egbert Perry, Eddie Bridgeman and Ernest Greer on trials, triumphs and lessons learned.

2015 Men of Distinction
Men set apart. Meet Michael J. Dubose, Jesse Walton Jr., CFP®CIMA®, Tirrell D. Whittley, Daniel Shoy Jr., Cornell McBride Jr., Miguel Southwell, Donald Woodard, and Scott D. Brown.

Leader Chat
Wise counsel from Judge Willie J. Lovett Jr.

Top Gun
Meet Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s new GM, Miguel Southwell.

Health Anew
New options for staying fit and healthy.

5 Gadgets Men Will Love.

Blissbehavin’ at One Ocean Resort & Spa in Jacksonville, Fla.

Attorney’s Corner
Gisele Kalonzo-Douglas: The Golden Pathfinder

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